Eins, zwei, drei



I picked up a great deal of vocabulary in different languages through music. I learned to use past tense after I wish with this famous ‘wish you were here’ line from Rednex song since every radio station would play it when I was a schoolgirl. I learned that Spanish ‘gustar’ (meaning ‘to like’) changes in accordance with an object that follows it, and not the subject with little help from Manu Chao and their song ‘Me gustas tu’. And believe it or not, Continue reading “Eins, zwei, drei”

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Or, to put it simply:

Hello. My name is Tanya. Do you speak German?

Though it might be much more useful to start with the phrase ‘Do you speak English?’

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Hey, I think we are on first-name terms here, so let’s just say:

Sprichst du Englisch? (informal: Do you speak English?)

This post is all about simple phrases I need to know to introduce myself and to greet people.

Continue reading “Guten Tag. Ich heiße Tanya. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

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