Eins, zwei, drei



I picked up a great deal of vocabulary in different languages through music. I learned to use past tense after I wish with this famous ‘wish you were here’ line from Rednex song since every radio station would play it when I was a schoolgirl. I learned that Spanish ‘gustar’ (meaning ‘to like’) changes in accordance with an object that follows it, and not the subject with little help from Manu Chao and their song ‘Me gustas tu’. And believe it or not, Continue reading “Eins, zwei, drei”

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My German: here and now


Hi, my name is Tanya.

Once upon a time, I decided to learn German. There are too many reasons to do that, but I’ll tell you two most important ones:

  1. Learning a new language makes your brain work in a way that reduces risks of developing brain diseases.
  2. I LEARN GERMAN BECAUSE I CAN. I mean, everyone can. Or at least I believe so. I believe there is no such thing as a ‘talent’. There is much work behind every talent. Talented people just happen to enjoy their hard work, while others just keep complaining and finding excuses.

Continue reading “My German: here and now”

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